Childhood Trauma & PTSD

Feelings of fear and temporary “flight-or-fight” reactions after a traumatic incident are typical, and most people will recover from a traumatic experience. Some traumas, though, can create lasting and painful effects. Trauma can be the witnessing of an accident, assault, natural disaster, combat-related event, or the sudden death of a loved one. Trauma can also be experienced in childhood through physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or by witnessing violence, substance abuse, or mental illness in a parent. Exposure to traumatic events may provoke strong reactions to events or people in the present and be reminders of the past. Those who suffer long-term from traumatic experience are recognized as having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), causing a person to feel that they are in danger when they are not. Exposure to traumatic events may lead to dangerous ways of coping, avoidance of situations that trigger fear and anxiety, and feeling detached from loved ones. Psychotherapy can help understand these feelings, relieve symptoms, and resolve the disorder.

Do You...

  • Have difficlity controlling your emotions, “overblow” things, or feel “numb”?
  • Wonder if you are “normal”?
  • Have disturbing memories, flashbacks, or nightmares?
  • Wonder if you will ever get over what happened in the past?
  • Feel unsafe even when you know nothing bad can happen?
  • Feel depressed or anxious and manage these feelings with substance abuse or eating problems?
  • Feel angry, irritable, or hyper vigilant?

I help people who have experienced trauma make sense of their experience and feelings, develop healthy coping skills and relationships, and feel more self-assured and less fearful. Psychotherapy and counseling can help you heal from trauma even long after the traumatic event.