Ann Ford – Licensed Professional Counselor

Psychotherapy Services in Leesburg, Virginia

Leesburg Counselor

Psychotherapy profoundly changes lives.

I believe that the relationship, or “fit”, between the client and counselor is one of the most important aspects of therapy. My goal is to create a compassionate, trusting, nonjudgmental relationship. I will help you feel understood and will offer an outside perspective and expert guidance. Together we can explore the causes and solutions to your concerns.

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Professional Services

Depression & Mood Disorders


Depression affects millions of people and is one of the most common reasons people seek counseling.

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Anxiety disorders go beyond occasional feelings of nervousness and fear. I can help.

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When relationship problems start to disrupt daily life, counseling can help. Click the button to learn more.

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Childhood Trauma & PTSD

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Some traumas can create lasting and painful effects. These can be relieved through psychotherapy

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